Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why does Love always feel like a battlefield?

It must be a good saying if it's worthy to be put on a tshirt! Ha!!! Lately, when I'm in my car and flipping through stations I've heard this song "Why does love always feel like a battlefield" by Jordin Sparks. It's a pretty catchy song & next thing ya know, you're singing along...(a battlefield, a battlefield...) If your SOLD OUT to this notion then you might as well get the tshirt & the c.d.! But seriously, why would we need to ask ourselves that?
What does it mean? If LOVE is so great, why is there a battle? Why do so many people seem to be at odds with one other? Marriages are thrown away today like trash, friendships, families are torn apart- How does this happen? Is there any way it can be stopped or is it just random acts of stupidness?
I believe the easiest way to sum it up is IGNORANCE....You're probably wondering how it could be ignorance when people know exactly what they're doing when they choose to make bad choices and hurt others. Yes, people are making bad choices for a wide variety of reasons-such as: selfishness, anger, hurt, frustration, low self esteem, poor examples, etc.etc...Mainly, all those things boil down to FEAR.
So why would I say Love is a battlefield because of IGNORANCE? I mean, can't you just picture a bunch of us "ants" who crawl around on this planet, out on a field in a battle and beating the tar out of each other and saying all kinds of hateful spues and keeping an account of all the things the other person did to us and how they hurt us so bad and how we were going to make them pay...Why? Do we think we can whip them into shape and teach them that is not how we would've liked to have been treated? Can we really go to battle and force someone to love us and MAKE them surrender? The obvious answer is NO!!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!!
So, we IGNORANTLY are involved in a battle we were never meant to be in! How many people are involved with other people who constantly are hurting them? This is a sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship and there is no LOVE! The reason so many relationships are failing is because we don't know what LOVE is...We are IGNORANT about LOVE!!!! LOVE is about giving and receiving-but it doesn't start with us. It all started with HIM- JESUS CHRIST! Not Muhammad, or Buddha, or Humanism, or Oprah (The Secret), or on & on & on... We can NOT know Love unless we know JC!
Don't get me wrong, there are MANY people who have been married for years who love one another and do not know Jesus Christ! We can love people that love us back-that's pretty easy to do...(Matt. 5:46 says, "For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Even the Pharisees do that?") BUT the odds of finding "Mr. or Mrs. Right" are not so good. That's why people want to start over again and again because they are gamblers and they believe they can beat the odds. In this rat race called LIFE-we have so much going on and part of that process for a great majority of people is searching and searching for that LOVE they've been looking for their whole life!
The point I'm trying to make is this- Jesus Christ came into my life as a young girl & changed my heart! He was REAL! He put a faith inside of me to believe that there was something better for me! And that something was Him. Along the way, there have been many "offers", illusions, and deceptions, but once you find what is real, you can see the counterfeit! I am not saying I am a perfect person with a perfect marriage, family, etc...But I move a lot quicker when my Savior speaks to me than I did when I first met him- I don't stay down so long listening to the lies of the enemy like I used to-I ALLOW my Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent friend, father, and LOVER of my SOUL to speak to me through His word to heal me and LOVE me & to help me recognize the devil's lies.
Did you notice I said healed? See, I have been scarred on that battlefield of Love. I've been hurt so stinking bad by those who loved me that I had a hard time understanding what love really was! I feel things very deeply and that's why I hurt so bad-but after a while you learn how to toughen up BUT not in my spirit man! -There were times in my life when I wanted to die the pain was so intense but the spirit of God inside of me would not let me go!!! I would never trade ANYTHING for my God!
His word tells us in 1 Corinthians what Love is-It's patient and kind, it doesn't boast, it is not proud, it does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth, it is not self seeking, it is not rude, it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, Love NEVER fails! Doesn't that sound like the kind of love you would like to have? Those words came from The Bible- not Joseph Smith or yada yada!
I pray that the Holy Spirit will take blinders off of your eyes! That you will see simply, that the LOVE your looking for can only come from Jesus. All of those other "ants" I was talking about earlier-are just as clueless as you and me! We can only know/feel/experience Love when we have a relationship with The Master-the one who made us FOR HIMSELF in the first place! His LOVE is ALL we need!