Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lies vs. Truth

What would you rather have
lies that make you smile or truth
that makes you cry?
Wow, I just came across this statement on the internet, and thought I had to use it as my "Topic" of the day! Isn't it so great to smile and feel good?....Most of us, would go to great lengths to do whatever it takes to accomplish that! I mean look at all the "fat" people in our society- do you think they enjoy looking that way? NO, but food makes them "feel" good- so if they have to eat 5 bags of M&M's to be satisfied, then that's what it takes. (Just so you know, I've been there, I tipped the scales at almost 200 lbs when I was pregnant with my last child) What about people that jump around from relationship to relationship, why do they do this? Because they want to "feel" good and as soon as there is some discomfort and it's not dealt with and leads to more discomfort then it gets to be too much, creating a need to move on to something good or better! Or what about a teenager who wants to believe their parent loves them (because they make them smile by occasionally giving them a $20) It's a temporary "feel good" but it doesn't fill the void long enough! Truth hurts!!! But so do lies!!!
I am personally at the point in my life, that I HAVE to have the truth...Whether it hurts me or makes me smile!!! I would much rather smile with the truth, but bottom line is- I've got to have the truth! I've found out a long time ago, that I can't expect the truth always from others, just like they can't always expect it from me! Not that people are trying to hurt us or lie intentionally, but sometimes we don't even know ourselves, what the truth is for us and how we really feel. I think it is our responsibility though, to know or find out what we think and feel and we owe that to ourselves and others! People that do not want to take a look at themselves or at their world around them, are not contributing like they should! Every one of us has a right to know who we are and what we believe. Those who live out that right based on the Word of God are living in TRUTH! Those who know who they are and what they believe and are not living according to the Word of God are living a LIE! That's as simple as it gets....
Jesus Christ is the WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE! What do you believe people? People on this earth can hurt you left and right, but when you know the TRUTH- that you're loved by Jesus Christ and spend time getting your love from Him- you will be okay! Your needs WILL be met and then you will have something to give to others! When we look to other things or people to fill any voids then we are setting ourselves up and the joke is on us!
I don't want to be the devil's puppet! How about you? You may think I'm coming on strong but oh well, I love being "in your face" because I know that not many people are these days.....I want to encourage you that by seeking Jesus and His righteousness-He will take care of you and supply all your needs! You are Never Alone.....
What will you choose to believe today- Lies that make you smile/Lies that make you cry or Truth that makes you cry/Truth that makes you smile????? TRUTH always wins! Trust in Truth today!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Great Escape

I have to admit, I can not stand Alice in Wonderland...actually it makes me crazy! I hate the feeling of being lost in "la-la land". As hard as I try sometimes to's never been easy for me to do. I have a conscience that works overtime so I guess you could say I have to be pretty careful with what I do and know for sure that I'm making a choice I can live with for the rest of my life, or else I just can't do it! What kinds of things do we want to escape from? Dishes, ha,ha! Deadlines, grumpy people, responsibilities in general...Whatever it is- what helps us? These days there are pills for everything, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, counselors, books, hypnosis, & on and on! What we're looking for is something to satisfy us and get our mind off of these "earthly" things. The bible says, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Our minds have to be renewed by the Word of God. It's not the "stuff" that needs to change- it's our minds and how we think about the lives we live every day! Anybody can escape but what good is it, if you come back to things just the way they were!? We need to store up for ourselves treasures in heaven not earthly treasures. What we're shooting for is a life with someone who cares about us more than anyone on earth could EVER care about us! The bible says, God's love for us is deep and wide and long and nothing could ever seperate us from it! His word is what gives us peace and when we live by His standards we actually are more free than bound.... We tend to think of rules as binding and hard to follow but the MORE we follow God's laws the better we feel. There are so many opposite ways of thinking when it comes to God's words. Love your enemies, be good to those who despitefully use you, when you are weak-He is strong in you, wait on the Lord...etc. etc. These are all things that we are not learning from our society. We can only find this wisdom from God! How could anyone LOVE their enemies? And why would they want to? Especially if we knew someone was using us on purpose? Or how could we be strong when we're weak? Who even wants to admit that they're weak in the first place, let alone to God? And lastly, who has time to WAIT for anything? What good does it do to "wait" on the Lord? If there's anything we need to FOCUS on it's the Lord. We can give our bosses, our friends, family, whoever our 100% attention so why can't we give it to God? I have a profound answer....because we can't see him! You have to Trust that He's listening to you and that He cares, and that He has The answer you need! Could you try and "find" Him today, or maybe I should say get "lost" in Him today!!!??? He's there, I promise you that! I've found Him many times-funny thing is, it was Every time I was looking for Him. He comes to us in different ways...sometimes it was through a peaceful feeling, or an encouraging word from someone else, or a song, or a word straight from Him to my heart! Mainly it will be straight from The good ole' Bible... How bad do you need your Savior? He doesn't play games or hard to get-He has Perfect Love-just for you-can you receive His love? If not, you need to find out why? He's even kind enough to show you...
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Promise

The title to this blog has been running through my head for a couple weeks now....actually I think I need to use it as a sermon. What does it really mean these days to say "I Promise?" In our society it means NOTHING. It's just something to say like blah,blah,blah... We don't even expect people to hold true to what they say. We know when someone runs for office- it's like we understand that it's their "job" to how are they gonna win if they don't tell the people what they "want" to hear? I mean c'mon! And unfortunately a lot of times the people that DO keep their promises are taken for granted and not really appreciated because there's no riff or trouble and things just go smooth. We love controversy! We love action and drama, don't we? Life gets a little too boring when people just do what their supposed to do! Is there such a thing as supposed to do though? Not in my opinion. To me, there are CHOICES. We're not just programed like robots to do certain things just because someone tells us to do something- I better do it, because I'm supposed to...No, I need to do in my heart what I know is right and because of my love for Jesus Christ! That is the basis of why I make the choices I do! It is PROOF to him that we love him! There is no proof in what we say! (Talk can be cheap.) Following God's word is always right! How we handle every situation in our life though is not always clear because we are individuals and life gets tricky but anyone though who has enough character to keep their promises is usually better off than those who don't. Yes, we make mistakes but could you say even 90% of the time you do keep your promises? Or is it more like 50/50? Who is important enough in your life to keep your promises with? Your spouse, your children, your boss, your co-workers, your lenders, your church leaders, anyone in your family, your God? Why is I Promise so important? After all there just words.....but with a little action or proof behind them, they make the difference between Love vs. No Love....Keeping your promises is showing Love! What could be more important than Love? Don't forget, we were Made To Love!!!! And take note of the people who are in your life making a continual CHOICE to keep their promises to you- those are the people who love you- Thank them today and please don't take them for granted!!!! Most of all we need to thank our Savior Jesus Christ who is the best example of someone keeping their promise! Did he do what he said? Wow, AMAZING REAL. DEAL LOVE!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for the hope in all of your promises!

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Have an Wonderful Wednesday!