Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wonderific Wednesday! ( a day late-OOPS)

I was just having a conversation the other night with my family about words that people make up that can be so annoying....For example, mixing the words flustered and frustrated into flustrated.....UGH!!!
But then out of the clear blue came this AWESOME title for my blog: WONDERIFIC!!!! Haha 
So, I hope this mixed up word doesn't bug you too much & you may even be asking yourself what it means? It's a combo of wonderful and terrific. I believe Wednesdays can be pretty boring and mundane since they're smack dab in the middle of the week and you may already be burnt out with whatever it is you've been doing for the past two days. 
So, I have some ideas that might cheer you up to make your day WONDERIFIC:

Of course, you have to do something out of the ordinary to WAKE UP and get yourself moving to a brighter side. I believe if you switch up these ideas your life will become more interesting quicker than you can say "when pigs fly."

1.  Instead of having your same old coffee the same old way-try a new flavored creamer or put some sugar in it! (haha) My answer for everything is to put more sugar in it!!!

2.  Make an effort to call someone or show some level of concern for a coworker, long lost family member, etc. By doing this you will be pulling yourself out of all the trappings of the day and focusing on someone else is a very kind gesture that will make you feel good all over! (kinda like sugar)

3.  Listen to your favorite motivational person/read a daily devotional to encourage yourself. 

4. (This is a little insert from my youngest daughter that she really wanted me to add)
    Pray, that makes u feel better. i love god. and have a cup of tea. i love tea. i drink it all the time. im ava grace- wendys daughter and shes a very good mom and i have a sister and another sister. ugh. im 8 in seven days cool, right? and i have a dad and he likes to build stuff.  so ya, go by my moms tricks and u will feel better already. yay! good bye to me. :-) have a good day. god bless u. 
(She's precious)

5.  Listen to your music LOUDLY and enjoy it!!!

6.  Reflect....Take a minute to reflect on your day/future;  think about what you liked or would do differently....Journal what you've reflected on...

7.  Light a good smelling candle-the aromatherapy will do  you WONDERS and gazing into the flicker of the candle is so soothing.

8.  Drive a different route to work, create a new recipe, print out the pics that are still on your camera and put them into a special frame....

9.  Take time to read a favorite magazine.

10.  Better yet,  give to a disaster relief fund like Joyce Meyer Ministries since there have been so many people devastated by bad weather.

So is your day WONDERIFIC yet??? 

Big Hugs!!!