Saturday, November 13, 2010

Look at the Bright Side....

Look at the bright side....what does that mean to you? To me, it means being thankful for the good things! The Bible says, Every good and perfect gift comes from God! No matter how we feel or what's going on at the moment, we can still think about the GOOD things.....To tell you the truth it's not so easy for me to always think about the GOOD things...It seems like it's easier for me to be angry about something than to feel good ....sometimes I feel like I could run 100 miles and then maybe I would feel better and all the exhaustion of that anger would finally be lifted off & I could finally get to the bright side...ha! But really breaking through anger or whatever other feelings that are difficult can only be overcome by talking through those feelings and being honest with yourself and others & God!!!! I have probably read every self help book out there & let me tell you as a teenager, those books really helped because I wanted so badly to be healthy and free.....I could read all I wanted though and that alone wouldn't have changed anything. I had to decide (and still do) that I would forgive and pray for those people who have hurt me and let it go....It's a daily thing b/c old "schemas" or ways of thinking/feeling are hard to change....BUT with The Word of God they CAN be changed....
I've found that most people don't give too much thought to the way they live-they just ARE......The Word of God tells me that's not good enough- Jesus Christ is the Standard & He's the One I'm trying to be like & I'm so proud of that!!!...It's not acceptable for me to say-that's just the way I am-so deal with it!!!! I want to be more like HIM. I was made in His Image and I'm so THANKFUL for JESUS-I'm glad the Lord sees Jesus instead of me-since I have accepted Him as my Savior!
On a side note-then why are there so many parents who accept this kind of behavior from their children...God doesn't accept it from His??????
I've definitely had my share of struggles....My life has been hard, sad, painful (physically & emotionally), fearful, and lonely....& I've had alot of reason to search to find "true happiness" ......BUT Praise God, even when the devil tried to steal & lie to me, my heart already believed the truth!!!! I am just now getting that the sum total of my life is not dependent on the things I've been through but how I've handled them....I am not SPECIAL because of a ministry TITLE but the fact that I'm His!!!! No matter what I'm tempted with....He will ALWAYS be there to help me OVERCOME!!!! So that one day I can TRULY see the BRIGHT SIDE!!!!! I hope this helps and encourages you in some way that you too can OVERCOME! Because there is POWER in the blood of Jesus!!!!