Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life's a Dance!

Good Wednesday Morning! How many of you are already dancing this morning? It just puts a smile on my face to think about all the wonderful opportunities God gives us every day to enjoy! My heart is so full of love for life and for my Savior! It is such a blessing to be a christian! I am thankful that I can get wisdom every day to start out my day & can spend time talking to the One who is in control but who also is my best friend!
I used to have a "victim" mentality and spent so much time wondering why so many bad things always seemed to happen to "me"... I look back and see how one-sided that view was-(and it was definitely not coming from the Lord's side) I felt like I was so alone and that everybody had it BETTER than me!
Over the years, I now realize that so much of life is really in HOW we look at it! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever- He never changes! That's 1 constant that's good to know. I just had to believe what His word said. I knew it, in my head but I needed it to go deeper into my heart.
Once you get it though and you realize that HIS best is not for everyone else but for YOU- that is a huge difference! I don't feel guilt any longer like I used to- I feel very thankful and grateful and that I DO deserve HIS love and His blessings. He is for me and not against me! He is building me up to do greater things than I ever could imagine!
If we can just take some time and BELIEVE what He says- He will increase our faith and we will begin to see Him do amazing things that we've never seen before! He can take what little that we have and do something with whatever we give Him! The point is, that we're giving it to Him!
What is it you can give him TODAY? Some time, a talent, giving of your money to help someone in need, calling someone & encouraging them, your faith, your courage....Can you take 1 second and think about what you could give today?
I love that song, "Life's a dance"... It says, "sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow, don't worry about what you don't know, life's a dance, you learn as you go" It kind of takes the pressure off- doesn't it? It's kind of cool though, for me to think of my Savior as the dance instructor- that way I don't have to dance aimlessly and not know what I'm doing! ha,ha! Toodles!