Thursday, April 2, 2009

How far can you swim?

When I saw this quote, I had to add it to my blog! It's SO true! How many people do you know that take the hard route? It's not very common and also people look at ya kinda funny when you seem to be "chasing" something....There's just something so "not" cool about that! I want to be that kind of person-that is so determined that I go for what God wants me to go for 1st of all, and also the goals I set for myself! It's so much easier when we get encouragement from others, but that's not always gonna happen. You have to know what's "in the boat"! And it needs to be so worth it-otherwise what's the point!? What is worth it? Money, well that doesn't seem to fulfill long enough-especially if you're alone. Shallow relationships-nope-almost as bad as being alone!!! An AWESOME, totally in-shape body-nope-constant worry that you're gonna lose it one day! Well, I think ya get the point....If you are going to go through all the trouble of swimming out to the boat-It would pretty much need to be a guarantee or do you just need the exercise? I have found a TREASURE & His name is Jesus Christ. He is a guarantee and I'm never alone! I can talk to Him about anything, anytime and when I climbed on board, I was able to stay. I didn't have to get off or I wasn't thrown off....He's been steady!!! He's REAL and how you feel about that doesn't change that FACT! Ships Ahoy!

Ghosts of the Past!

still working on my blog! Wish I had more time to put into it than I do! Today I'm taking my girls to a Turner Field "field" trip- ha! We are excited...It would be even better if we could meet some of the players, but I doubt that's gonna happen. Last night, I had a great conversation with my cousin, Donna as usual. We were talking about generational curses. She said she had recently been prayed/prophecied over. I know from experience usually when I've been prophecied over, it's something that is confirmed. They didn't tell her things she never knew, but it just made her more AWARE of how the enemy has tried to deceive in our particular family. It's important to stay in a place of being Aware. It's not always easy to do either because we'd rather close our eyes many times than to face things, isn't that true? But how about the flip side...Wouldn't it be even Better if we were more AWARE of what God was doing in our lives and how he was working then constantly seeing the devil around every corner. I would encourage you today to focus on Jesus Christ!!! We have All authority in Jesus Name- it's not a fight between good and evil- like they are equal!? Jesus Christ has all the power which overrides the bad. We OVERCOME evil with good-the Bible says. Be an Overcomer today- You Can Do It!