Friday, February 6, 2009

How many hours are there in a day?

Well, it's Friday morning and another exciting adventure awaits me! Life's always an adventure when you're raising children! Homeschooling, piano practice, making meals, friends, concerts, and bible study all this weekend! WOO-HOO!!! What is the best way to start off with all this madness, I ask myself!!!! Well, first I need to keep the main thing the main thing- I need to spend some time with my Creator and my Savior! Once I have done that somehow my priorities seem to line up and I feel at peace because I know my life is in His hands! It puts a smile on my face and that makes my heart feel glad!!!!
Next, I write my list of things to do and start checking em' off....That's the FUN part! Are ya rolling with me? You get a sense of accomplishment that way! I always feel good at the end of the day when I actually see my to do list with a line through each item!
Now, the key to an even BETTER day is having a good attitude while I am checking things off...I have to choose to take time to smile and make my children laugh or notice special things they do. Am I living in the moment or is my mind always preoccupied? What about my thoughts, feelings, and actions- are they all working "together"???? That is HUGE!!!!
Just something to think about- hope you've been encouraged!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wow, that was easy!

How exciting! I am writing my first official blog! I am looking forward to having a place to share ideas, insights, and anything else I find interesting!!! When I have read other's blogs in the past; I am always inspired by those who have been truly reflective and honest in what they have to say. I can't stand run of the mill cleshay's (or however you spell that word) Every person is unique but only when they have done some soul searching and know what they really think and feel. I don't want to hear what you think I do- I want to hear what you really think and feel...
So hopefully, you will feel the same....