Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patricks Day w/ an Interesting Twist ~

Yesterday started out in the normal way: waking girls up, getting breakfast ready, preparing lessons, feeding the dog, having devotions,etc....Everything was going pretty smooth UNTIL my 10 year old tells me that she heard a commercial on the radio about "sex" and wondered what that meant? Once in a while something will come up about it, and we've tried to steer clear of it- but basically said something like"It's something God designed for marriage b/t a husband and wife." So then she says, "Is it uncomfortable" and I'm like what do you mean? And she didn't know what she meant- I could just see her trying to figure "it" out but didn't know what "it" was....I just basically told her, the physical part of "it" that a man has sperm and the women has ovaries and when they come together, that's how a baby is born and why God designed it that way.... So, her next question was, "Do you have to throw up together or something like that?" I just about DIED laughing- it was too cute!
Besides that, it was an eventful day b/c my girls were excited about St. Patricks Day! We all headed up to Walmart and bought a bunch of Irish goods....Now when I was a kid, I could've cared less about it- but I'm not Irish. My husband IS Irish, so they take it very seriously that since THEIR Irish, we have to celebrate! I didn't have a whole lot of time- so I made corned beef and cabbage sandwiches for dinner & lime green sherbet w/ 7-Up floats topped w/ whipped cream and a cherry for dessert. They loved it except for my little one. She gave her float to me, so my conclusion is she must not have as much "Irish" in her.