Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be!

That is the Question!? The Lord gave me this title for my blog and also led to me to the book of James. A few months ago, my girls memorized James chapter 4 as part of "Bible class". (My girls are homeschooled for anyone who does not know.) It was actually pretty funny to listen to them quoting these scriptures, especially vs. 8: Wash your hands, you filthy sinners... I can't imagine my innocent girls refering to themselves as filthy sinners but the truth is they are- just like we all are! But as we get to an age of accountability, we learn we have CHOICES.
Do you have desires that battle within you? You want something but don't get it- there's where the choice comes in...Are you going to fight and quarrel to get your way or are you going to trust God- to work it out? Vs.2 says, "You do not have b/c you do not ASK God" It's a choice to seek God regarding the matters of your life! And taken even further- it says "if you do ask, but ask with WRONG motives- (selfish motives) you will not receive... God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. Humble people are thinking about God and how they can please Him! TO BE OR NOT TO BE? How can we be humble? By resisting the devil (vs.7) & SUBMITING to God. It's not easy but if we at least TRY and go to God with our lives- he will be near to us and help us! We want to be lifted up by Man & be noticed by others- but how much better is it to be noticed by God? Who else is there when your all alone? Who causes your boss to give you that raise? God is in control!!! God is the One who is in charge- NOT us!!! He is the only lawgiver and judge- NOT us! He is the Only one who is able to Save or to Destroy- NOT us! Vs. 14 says, " You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes" Wow- Big stuff!!! We are given so much, what are you choosing to do with what you've been given? Are you making a difference by your sweet smile or patient attitude? Are you persevering through trials or are you bringing lots of others down with you because of your bad and "poor me" attitude? What is motivating you today? The Spirit of God that's inside of you or your flesh? It IS a battle and always will be! But my favorite pastor, George Sawyer, once taught me- that whichever dog you feed, is the one that's gonna grow! Wisdom comes from God & if you ask him ANYTHING today-out of a sincere heart, he will hear you! Choose TO BE a follower of Jesus- Or Choose Not TO BE a follower of Jesus- run your own show and see where that gets you...You will be empty- I guarantee it! Don't be deceived! Give him a chance today to RULE your heart and mind!