Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wendy's Wednesday

Good Morning! Have you ever heard that saying, "Today is the first day to the rest of your life" How cool to think, that every day we get a new shot at life. And today is a gift we get from God to make it whatever we like. It's so easy to get into ruts and certain ways of thinking but I encourage you to try and think out of the box today, and do some things you've never done before, but always wanted to. I think I'm gonna call the dentist and find out how much it costs to have my teeth zoomed (whitened). I have been drinking more coffee lately and the effects on my teeth are definitely not desirable. How about giving God at least 15 minutes in prayer. Believe me, the time will fly faster than you could imagine. He really cares about you and wants you to have a good day! He is for us, not against us! It is a beautiful sunny day here in GA, what about where you live? What could you do outdoors today? It is so good to take walks, ride bikes, etc... to get out and just relax. This past weekend I went for about a 5 mile bike ride with my family and afterwards I realized how much fun it really was! When we clear our heads of all the normal things that fill it, we finally have a chance to think's good to do that! I try and do it about once a month or so! So, what's it gonna be? Are you gonna have a Wild and Wacky, Wonderful Wednesday? Or a Wasted Wednesday?

So here are some of my faves this week:

This is a great dress for shopping or just doing whatever...

and I love this cute little black purse

or how about this one called "housewife handbag" (ha,ha)

on a note of giving(that always makes you feel better) how about checking this site out?

or you could help my daughters out by supporting their new "business adventure"

They are designing jewelry and accessories for other girls....they'll even do custom orders! Be sure to check it out!
Here's the Verse of the Day: (Totally goes along with my blog- how awesome is that?!)
And my last favorite of the day of course has to be lip balm-HA!!!