Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Things Never Change!

When you look at this picture does it give you the image of a good night's sleep? Last night, I borrowed my daughter Savannah's sleeping mask & I slept better than I have in centuries! I couldn't believe how well it worked for me & of course I had a harder time getting up this morning...I started thinking about my day and what I wanted to write in my blog & there it was lying on the bed right in front of me-The Mask! I realized that The Mask helped to keep what I wanted (obviously the light) out, which was a good thing! A lot of times we hear about people wearing "masks" and it's a negative thing. I think it boils down to knowing WHEN to wear the mask. It would not benefit me at all to wear that mask while I was awake or what about driving? -that actually could end up killing me! But to wear it at night to keep out what I don't want, works well. It also might be a good idea to put the mask on at times we need to keep garbage out- like at Blockbuster! We should research & know what we're looking for (a nice clean movie) ahead of time & go straight in and get it, instead of loittering (ha) and filling our minds with a bunch of sleezy junk!!! How many other examples could you think of where a mask would work wonders?! The Bible says in 2 Cor.4:18 To Fix our eyes NOT on what is seen but on what is unseen. (kinda like wearing a mask) For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. We get so caught up in what we see but these things have no lasting value- our looks change, our whereabouts change, our homes are depreciating...etc...But the Truth of God's WORD NEVER changes! His freedom doesn't either- it LASTS FOREVER! You may be saying, How could His freedom last forever? I'm saying His Word tells me it does, so no matter what I see- I am still FREE, no matter how I feel, I am still Free, no matter what I think or anyone else tells me, contrary to the Word of God, I AM STILL FREE!!! Halelujah, I'm getting excited right now- because in my spirit- I know I'm free. As christians, we can not allow anyone else to have any say when it comes to that- I don't care what kind of bad attitudes surround you- YOU are still free! Put that mask on & ignore it! You can still smile while wearing the mask...ha,ha! But Do me one favor!? Don't wear The Mask to hide my Jesus! Let him shine before men so they may see your good deeds & glorify our Father in Heaven! He is Worthy to be praised! Let's not judge others any longer- Let's focus on Wearing our Masks at the right time! We know our purpose- This World needs Hope and so do we! That Hope is found in Jesus Christ ALONE and nothing else. Take any opportunity you can, to SHINE!!! Loving others and Loving yourself is the best way to shine. The only way we're gonna get that Love is by spending time with the One who loves us more than anything. Let me remind you: His love is deep, and wide, and long and far and is available to you at any moment! His peace passes all understanding, His grace is sufficient! Can you trust in that today? Or will you forget by this afternoon or maybe 3 days from now? What does it take for us to be captured by His love? It is the ONLY thing I personally have had to hold on to in life! My childhood was extremely uncertain and unclear & gave me a rough start BUT He has been my guiding light & I'll tell you what- He's not finished with me yet! (No self help books could have rescued me from the Hell I endured) JESUS ALONE, DESERVES ALL THE CREDIT!!!!! Once you give your heart to someone-it's pretty hard to change that? If they don't have your heart- they'll know, because you'll leave them-We freely make that choice. In my opinion, there's no such thing as "falling out of love" either you never really loved them with your heart in the first place or selfishly you want something "better"? Is there anything "better" than Jesus? We will always make mistakes-but does your heart QUICKLY want to make things right with the Lover of your Soul? I encourage you to SEEK JESUS today to find out when you need to put that Mask on & when you need to take it off!!!???