Monday, March 30, 2009

Can I do it?

Well, what can I say in 5 minutes? Wow, this is the fastest I've ever typed. I only have a short amount of time so here it goes...I haven't been on here for a while due to my oldest daughter piercing a handlebar into her stomach and having to go to the ER. Two of my daughters have started soccer and 1 is playing Tennis. Hence, my excuse....Blah! How many of you bloggers out there have the same things and more going on but somehow you can fit in your "blogging". I am tired of having excuses. I am commited to blogging because this is something I started and really want to do! Usually I can talk a person's head off, so hopefully I can do just as well at this! I am trying to get the details worked out on my page so it will allow you to go to other sites from my page. There is alot I want to share regarding LOVE and how to be loved. It's pretty simple- all you have do is read I Corinthians chapter 13. It's easy to read but understanding it, is a whole different level...All I know is it's something I want to experience every day! What about you? How have you been loved today? How have you loved yourself today? I wanted to paint my nails and I promised myself I would, but here I am ready for bed and still no fancy nails. Isn't it easy to put ourselves off as Mothers. Here it goes, I am going to love myself tomorrow and paint them first thing! (giggles)