Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Promise

The title to this blog has been running through my head for a couple weeks now....actually I think I need to use it as a sermon. What does it really mean these days to say "I Promise?" In our society it means NOTHING. It's just something to say like blah,blah,blah... We don't even expect people to hold true to what they say. We know when someone runs for office- it's like we understand that it's their "job" to how are they gonna win if they don't tell the people what they "want" to hear? I mean c'mon! And unfortunately a lot of times the people that DO keep their promises are taken for granted and not really appreciated because there's no riff or trouble and things just go smooth. We love controversy! We love action and drama, don't we? Life gets a little too boring when people just do what their supposed to do! Is there such a thing as supposed to do though? Not in my opinion. To me, there are CHOICES. We're not just programed like robots to do certain things just because someone tells us to do something- I better do it, because I'm supposed to...No, I need to do in my heart what I know is right and because of my love for Jesus Christ! That is the basis of why I make the choices I do! It is PROOF to him that we love him! There is no proof in what we say! (Talk can be cheap.) Following God's word is always right! How we handle every situation in our life though is not always clear because we are individuals and life gets tricky but anyone though who has enough character to keep their promises is usually better off than those who don't. Yes, we make mistakes but could you say even 90% of the time you do keep your promises? Or is it more like 50/50? Who is important enough in your life to keep your promises with? Your spouse, your children, your boss, your co-workers, your lenders, your church leaders, anyone in your family, your God? Why is I Promise so important? After all there just words.....but with a little action or proof behind them, they make the difference between Love vs. No Love....Keeping your promises is showing Love! What could be more important than Love? Don't forget, we were Made To Love!!!! And take note of the people who are in your life making a continual CHOICE to keep their promises to you- those are the people who love you- Thank them today and please don't take them for granted!!!! Most of all we need to thank our Savior Jesus Christ who is the best example of someone keeping their promise! Did he do what he said? Wow, AMAZING REAL. DEAL LOVE!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for the hope in all of your promises!

Now for my Wendy's Wednesday favorites:
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Have an Wonderful Wednesday!