Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wendy's Wednesday!

I am so excited to be started Wendy's Wednesday today.....Every Wednesday from now on will be filled with all my favorite things. Please share your comments with me as well! I appreciate your feedback. The purpose of my blog is to reach out to all you women/girls out there who have a heart for Jesus Christ and want to glorify Him in everything you do....Just because you're a christian does not mean you have to wear turtlenecks every day, wear your hair in a bun, or speak in King James Version. It means being your own special, unique person that God created you to be with your own style and serving Jesus while doing it! His standards are high, so ours should be too! We are to be "set apart" but what that means is having a relationship with Jesus-following his word and the CONVICTION of the Holy Spirit....If He is speaking something to you; you'll know it! (& funny thing is- he might not be speaking it to me) I believe in absolute truth...what I'm saying here though is- we have to be close enough to Him to know what He wants us to do in every situation. We can't rely on what others tell us, can we? We have to read His word and trust in what it says, and obey it- even if we feel like it or not!

Phew, I feel much better now that I got all that off my chest! HA,HA!!! Well, here they are...I hope you enjoy your Wednesday!!!!! This is a great devotional for the day or maybe you'd like this one I love making jewelry with my daughters and this site is a great tool Another great craft idea Here is a romantic movie top 20 list with clips Here are some "LOVE" quotes; And what about your flair for fashion? What about
love these earrings
See you later & Be Loved!!!